Price List

Prices for our most common procedures are listed below. For other services, we are always happy to give you a transparent breakdown of the costs of the treatment your cat needs, during or after a consultation.

Prices highlighted in green are either free of charge or heavily discounted if your cat is a member of our Healthy Cat Plan.

Vet consultations

Standard consultation (20 min) £55
Follow up consultation (20 min) £48

Extended consultation (30 min) £75

In consult minor procedure (add on) £20
Clip nails (add on) £15

Written prescription (first item) £20
Written prescription (additional items) £15


Kitten Starter Package £95

Annual Health Visit (1-6y) £67
Annual Health Visit (7y+) - standard £77
Annual Health Visit (7y+) - comprehensive £190

Annual Health Visits include booster vaccinations and a health check. Older cats have more thorough screening for silent illness including blood pressure and urine testing.

Nurse consultations

Consultation (nurse) 20 min £25
Brief nail clip only (nurse) 10 min £15

Microchip implantation & registration £20
Booked with the nurse or add on to another service eg. neutering, vaccination


Spay £150
Castrate £100

Spay (pregnant) £200
Castrate (cryptorchid) £200

All of our surgery costs include the general anaesthetic, surgery, IV fluids if required, pain relief to take home, two post op checks and a buster collar if needed. There are no hidden extras or surprises!

For more information about neutering, click here.

Other services

We offer a full range of services including:

We do not charge extra for submitting pet insurance claims. More information about pet insurance claims can be found here.

We request payment of our invoices at the time of treatment. As a small family business, we really appreciate your support.