Price List

Prices for our most common procedures are listed below. For other services, we are always happy to give you a transparent breakdown of the costs of the treatment your cat needs, during or after a consultation.

Prices highlighted in green are either free of charge or heavily discounted if your cat is a member of our Healthy Cat Plan.

Vet consultations

Standard consultation (20 min) £55
Follow up consultation (20 min) £48

Extended consultation (30 min) £75

In consult minor procedure (add on) £20
Clip nails (add on) £15

Written prescription (first item) £20
Written prescription (additional items) £15


Kitten Starter Package £95

Annual Health Visit (1-6y) £67
Annual Health Visit (7y+) - standard £77
Annual Health Visit (7y+) - comprehensive £190

Annual Health Visits include booster vaccinations and a health check. Older cats have more thorough screening for silent illness including blood pressure and urine testing.

Nurse consultations

Consultation (nurse) 20 min £25
Brief nail clip only (nurse) 10 min £15

Microchip implantation & registration £20
Booked with the nurse or add on to another service eg. neutering, vaccination


Spay £150
Castrate £100

Spay (pregnant) £200
Castrate (cryptorchid) £200

All of our surgery costs include the general anaesthetic, surgery, IV fluids if required, pain relief to take home, two post op checks and a buster collar if needed. There are no hidden extras or surprises!

For more information about neutering, click here.

Other services

We offer a full range of services including:

We do not charge extra for submitting pet insurance claims. More information about pet insurance claims can be found here.

In accordance with our terms & conditions, we request payment for your cat's care at the time of treatment. As a small family business, we really appreciate your support.


Manchester Cat Clinic is an independent practice, wholly owned by Ellie & Daniel Lee, two of the vets who work here. We do not have any other investors or shareholders. Learn more about the difference between independent and corporate vet practices here.

Our suppliers have all been chosen by Ellie & Daniel individually and we are not tied in to use any specific companies. This means that we can choose products and services based on what we feel is the best option for our patients, clients and team. We currently use the following suppliers:

If we ever refer a patient to another practice for specialist services, we will make this decision based on the patient's needs, the skills and experience of the vet we are referring to, price, and our client's preferences. We are not tied to any other practice.

Ellie & Daniel are always happy to chat through the decisions we make as a business and the costs involved with running the practice - just ask if you have any questions.