Items for counter sale

Although most of the products we sell are prescription only medicines, we do have a few useful items available for counter sale.

We can order in most veterinary diets (eg. Royal Canin, Hills, Purina, Dechra Specific) and we often have voucher offers for Royal Canin food. However, we don't keep a large amount of food in stock, to avoid wastage and allow us to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

All of the below products can be bought directly from our reception team, without a prescription. However, if you have concerns about your cat's health, we always recommend booking a vet consultation to get the best recommendations & advice.


Calm Carrier

These innovative carriers, with a unique sliding drawer mechanism, help you get your cat to and from the vets with minimal stress. We recommend popping some familiar soft bedding sprayed with Feliway inside to make your cat extra comfortable.


Temporary cat carrier

Don't have a cat carrier yet, or yours broke on the way to the vets? These are a cost effective solution. We supply them assembled but they can fold flat for storage. We are currently stocking a white plastic version of the images shown.


"Please do not feed me" collar

These quick-release collars help ensure that well meaning neighbours don't let your cat become Six Dinner Sid!


Urigrit urine sample collection kit

These plastic beads can be used instead of litter in a completely clean litter tray to obtain a urine sample. You may wish to collect a sampling kit in advance of your cat's Annual Health Visit if they are aged 7+ as this include urine screening. If your cat is on our Healthy Cat Plan, you can have the sampling kit for free.


Hydrosand urine sample collection kit

An alternative kit for cats who prefer the texture of sand to the plastic beads.


Brain & Behaviour


A nutritional supplement containing antioxidants to help maintain a healthy central nervous system and normal brain function in older cats.

60 capsules - £37.50

Calmex for cats

A calming supplement to help promote relaxed behaviour in cats.

60ml bottle - £21

Feliway Optimum Diffusers

Help reduce stress at home and conflict between cats with these calming pheromones. We use the exact same ones at the cat clinic.

Starter pack - £36
Refill - £31
Refill 3 pack - £77

Feliway spray

Spray this onto some familiar bedding and place it or over in your cat's carrier to reduce stress during transport. Allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes before putting it near your cat.

20ml - £15
60ml - £33



Probiotic paste containing kaolin clay which helps to firm stools during times of digestive upset.

9ml syringe - £12.50


Highly palatable multi-probiotic to encourage appetite and support the digestive system.

7 sachets - £10
14 sachets - £18
30 sachets - £32


Tasty, high energy nutritional paste to increase calorie and nutrient intake in cats with reduced appetite.

150ml bottle - £17.50


Flexadin Advanced Chews

Joint support containing UC-II, an undenatured collagen which stimulates an immune response which reduces joint inflammation & promotes cartilage repair. If purchased during a vet consultation, we can offer the Flexadin satisfaction guarantee, which gives you your money back if you don't see an improvement in your cat's mobility after 60 days.

30 pack - £30
60 pack - £57


High strength omega-3 fish oil with multiple benefits.

55ml bottle - £35

Skin & Coat

Coatex EFA

A blend of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) at levels are specifically designed to help maintain skin and coat health. One pump is given in food daily.

65ml bottle - £27.50

Filtabac suncreen

Ideal for white cats' ears, this pet-friendly sunscreen reduces the risk of sunburn and skin cancers.

50g tube - £8.50


A topical skin salve with a natural inhibiting influence against bacteria to help support wound management.

20g tube - £16.50

Flea treatment

We do not recommend the use of over-the-counter flea treatments containing fipronil or imidocloprid due to concerns about resistance and environmental safety.

To discuss effective, prescription-strength flea control, book a vet consultation or join our Healthy Cat Plan.

Indorex household flea spray

A large proportion of the flea life cycle takes place in the your house, not just on your cat. When tackling a flea infestation in your house, it's important to treat the environment.

One 500ml bottle is enough for a typical 3-4 bedroom house. Directions for use.


Douxo range

A range of soothing pads, leave-on mousses and shampoos. The Calm range treats itchy or irritated skin, the Pyo range treats bacterial or yeast overgrowth, and the Seb range treats odour, grease and flakiness.

Pyo or Calm pads (30 pack)   £13

Pyo, Calm or Seb mousse (150ml)   £21

Pyo, Calm or Seb shampoo (200ml)   £21

For more information, visit the Douxo website.

These items are available to purchase from reception during opening hours (8.30am-6pm weekdays).

If you need something in particular, get in touch beforehand so we can make sure what you need is in stock and set your items aside for you.

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