Drop off service

Our drop off service is ideal if you don't have time for a 20-30 minute appointment during our consulting hours, or would prefer to leave your cat with us for longer (eg. to give us more time to take bloods from a stressed cat).

It's like dropping off your car for a service or MOT, but instead you're dropping off your cat!

Book your drop off time (8.30am-10am) when booking your appointment. Please bring your cat to the reception desk in a secure carrier at the time booked.

You can either book your collection time (1pm-6pm) when you drop your cat off, or email us to book a collection time in advance.

Cost: £15 drop off service fee (or complimentary for Healthy Cat Plan members) + cost of treatment

The drop off service is suitable for:

*If you are booking a vet consultation, please include as much information as possible about the history of the problem under "Information for vet" if booking online. Ensure that you are contactable on the phone number provided in case the vet has questions for you or needs to discuss your cat's treatment. If you have other engagements, please include times that you are able to take telephone calls from the vet to discuss their findings / plan.

Please do not use the drop off service function to book any procedures which require sedation or anaesthesia (eg. neutering, dentistry). This can be booked in person, by telephone or via email only.

We recommend joining our Healthy Cat Plan, which spreads the cost of your cat's routine health care across discounted monthly payments. It not only saves you money, but also helps you ensure that your cat is getting everything they need. We have mapped our Healthy Cat Plan to the recommendations from CatCareforLife, based on evidence and advice from the world's top cat experts.

How do I book in?

Speak to a member of our reception team via phone (0161 464 5545), email (hello@manchestercatclinic.co.uk) or Whatsapp (+447893950646) to book in.

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