Kitten Starter Package

Our Kitten Starter Package gives your little one everything that they need for their best start in life.

You may either buy the Kitten Starter Package upfront as a one-off cost, or join our Healthy Cat Plan to get the Kitten Starter Package at a great discount and continue to enjoy the benefits of being a Healthy Cat Plan member long term.

Thinking of getting a kitten? Use this excellent checklist from The Cat Group to help you find a healthy, friendly kitten and avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur. iCatCare also has great advice for people who are thinking of getting a cat, choosing a kitten and helping their new kitten settle in.

Kitten Starter Package

£95 one-off payment


Healthy Cat Plan Members

£30 one-off payment + £16 per month subscription


Grey tabby kitten sitting on a tree stump with foliage in the background
Two ginger kittens, one of which is biting the others ear

Why should I join the Healthy Cat Plan?

Regular vet visits and vaccinations are an important part of your cat's routine health care. Our Healthy Cat Plan helps you to spread the cost of your cat's routine healthcare needs across one simple monthly payment. Unlike other practice's health plans, our cat-only plan is mapped to the CatCareforLife guidelines, as advised by the cat experts at International Cat Care.

The Healthy Cat Plan grows as your cat does. As they enter a new life stage, your plan changes automatically to fit what is appropriate at that point in your cat's life. All of the routine checks your cat needs are included in the plan - including screening older cats for common health conditions through regular blood pressure checks, urine testing and blood tests where appropriate.

We also include all of the vaccinations appropriate for your cat, as well as a prescription-strength, single spot-on combined flea and worm treatment applied just every three months - the most straightforward and comprehensive parasite treatment available. Plus, you can have your flea and worming treatment automatically delivered to your home every three months rather than have to collect it from the clinic.

The Healthy Cat Plan works alongside your pet insurance

Don't forget to also arrange pet insurance for your kitten. While the Healthy Cat Plan helps to ensure that your kitten is getting all of the routine preventative healthcare and checks they need, pet insurance is important for helping you to cover the costs if they do develop illnesses or injuries.

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Which diseases will you vaccinate my kitten against?

We routinely vaccinate all cats and kittens against cat flu & panleukopaenia, plus FeLV for those who go outdoors. Visit our "Vaccinations" page for more information on these diseases.

Your kitten will have a starter course of 2 injections 3-4 weeks apart, with the next booster being due 12 months later.

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