Referrals & second opinions

Manchester Cat Clinic is now accepting referrals from other veterinary practices for dentistry, feline internal medicine and diagnostic imaging.

If you are a vet who would like to refer a case - please email a full medical history, including client's contact information, to with "Referral" in the subject line and a brief overview of the case. Our client care team will contact your client to arrange their referral appointment. We will follow up with a full report once your patient is discharged from our care.

If you are a cat owner who would like to be referred - speak to your vet about arranging a referral.

Referrals are made by the cat's current vet. If you are a cat owner who would like to move practices for a second opinion, please visit our "Registration & Booking" page. 

What is the difference between a referral and a second opinion?

Referrals are made by veterinary surgeons who wish to send a patient to a colleague with specific skills, qualifications or experience. Patients who are referred to us remain under the care of their usual vets and return to them after having treatment or investigations. The referring vet will send across the patient's medical history and we will send a full history / report back to them afterwards.

Second opinions are when a cat owner chooses to move to another practice, usually permanently. As part of our professional conduct obligations from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, we must have a full medical history from a patient's previous vets before seeing a second opinion.

Dentistry referrals
Dr Daniel Lee BVSc MRCVS

Consultation £55

Patients who have been seen by a veterinary surgeon and recommended a dental procedure may book straight in for a dental procedure as a day patient. More information about dental procedures can be found here.

Dental band 1: Dental cleaning and x-rays    £295

Dental band 2: Dental cleaning, x-rays, dental surgery with up to 4 extractions   £595

Dental band 3: Dental cleaning, x-rays, dental surgery with up to 8 extractions   £895

Dental band 4: Major dental surgery with total or near-total mouth extractions   £1295

Band 4 can be staged in two halves on different days to avoid prolonged GA time. Price includes both stages if required.

Pre-anaesthetic blood test £75 (done on the morning of the cat's dental procedure if they have not had blood tests to check their kidney function in the last 3 months)

Feline internal medicine referrals
Abdominal ultrasound & respiratory endoscopy referrals
Dr Eloise Quince BVetMed PGCertVPS MANZCVS(Medicine of Cats UK) CertAVP(SAMF) MRCVS

Consultation   £145

Procedures which may be recommended include:

Blood pressure measurement   £40

Blood tests   £65-£275

Abdominal ultrasound, x-rays and/or bronchoscopy
£345 for 1 imaging modality
£545 for 2 imaging modalities
£745 for 3 imaging modalities
+/- £100 for bronchoalveolar lavage +/- lab fees

Visiting Cardiology specialist

Our patients also have access to our visiting cardiology specialist, Emily Dutton from Cheshire Cardiology. Emily and her skilled team visit us periodically to allow our patients to have specialist-level care in the familiar environment of our practice. A typical case, which has a consultation, blood pressure measurement, ECG and full Doppler echocardiography costs £1182, although each cat's care is tailored to their needs and a full estimate will be provided and discussed.

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If you have any questions about referrals or second opinions, just get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.

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