Stray cats

I've found a cat - what do I do?

First, visit this page from Cats Protection for detailed advice on found cats. Be aware that a "stray" cat might actually have a home, even if they seem hungry, so doing things like checking for a microchip or using a paper collar can be a good idea before considering feeding what could be someone else's cat.

If you are concerned that a cat is being neglected or suffering from cruelty, contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999. The RSPCA will sometimes also issue codes (called "incident" or "log" numbers) which can be used to provide a small amount of funding for the initial assessment and vet treatment of an injured unowned cat. If you have been given one of these numbers, please let us know.

Injured stray cats
If you have found an injured cat and you don't know who its owner is, please call us on 0161 464 5545 to arrange to bring it to be seen by one of our vets.

Healthy stray cats
We can check cats for a microchip and help you to fit a paper collar to them to help to track down an owner, but we are not a rescue and do not have the capacity to house healthy strays. Visit to find the contact details for local cat rescues if you have found a cat that you believe to be genuinely unowned and in need of a home.

Stray dogs
We are a cat-only practice and are unable to help with stray dogs. Please contact the Dog Warden at Manchester City Council if you find a dog.

We can give small wildlife basic first aid or euthanasia but we are unable to hospitalise them. For treatment of sick or injured wildlife, speak to RSPCA Stapley Grange Wildlife Centre.