Healthy Cat Plan

Being a Healthy Cat Plan member ensures that your cat gets all of the health checks and preventative healthcare they need, to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. 

Regular vet visits and vaccinations are an important part of your cat's routine health care. Our cat-only health plan is unique as it is mapped to the CatCareforLife guidelines, as advised by the cat experts at International Cat Care.

All of the routine checks your cat needs are included in the plan - including screening older cats for common health conditions through blood pressure checks, urine testing and blood tests. This means that treatable illnesses are detected earlier and we can help your cat to live a longer and more comfortable life.

We also include all of the vaccinations appropriate for your cat, as well as a prescription-strength, single spot-on combined flea and worm treatment applied just every three months - the most straightforward and comprehensive parasite treatment available.

For house cats, our discounted indoor-only cat plan means that you only pay for what your cat needs based on their individual risk.

The Healthy Cat Plan provides just what your cat needs for their age and lifestyle

Your Healthy Cat Plan grows as your cat does.

As they enter a new life stage, your plan changes automatically to fit what is appropriate at that point in your cat's life.

Tabby cat growing older

Your Healthy Cat Plan works alongside your pet insurance.

Don't forget to also arrange pet insurance for your cat. While the Healthy Cat Plan helps to ensure that your cat is getting all of the routine preventative healthcare and checks they need, pet insurance is important for helping you to cover the costs if they do develop illnesses or injuries.

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Your Healthy Cat Plan includes the following important health checks:

Kittens (0-6 months)

Junior & Adult cats (7 months - 6 years)

Mature cats (7-10 years)

Senior & Super Senior cats (11+ years)

Healthy Cat Plan membership also gives you:

Click here for the pay-as-you-go prices of Annual Health Visits (boosters) for clients who are not members of the Healthy Cat Plan.

Kitten 0-6m
Junior 7m-2y
Adult 3-6y
Mature 7-10y
Senior 11-14y
Super Senior 15y+

Why do older cats need extra checks?

Booster visits aren't just for vaccines - they are an important regular health check. We want to make sure that your cat is not only protected from infectious diseases, but that we also detect any health issues promptly, so that we can help you to give them the happiest and healthiest life we can.

It's very important to screen older cats for common diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney disease and thyroid disease. If you can catch these diseases early, you can help them to lead a longer and more comfortable life.

At Manchester Cat Clinic, all cats over the age of 7 coming for routine booster appointments will have start having routine screening for common old-age illnesses. Senior and Super Senior cats will be checked every 6 months. Our Healthy Cat Plan follows the guidance from the experts at CatCareforLife and International Cat Care.

CatCareforLife recommended regular health checks 

Which diseases can we vaccinate cats against?

We routinely vaccinate cats against cat flu, panleukopaenia and FeLV. Click on the name of each disease below for more information.

Calicivirus & herpesvirus (cat flu)

Cat flu is usually caused by calicivirus (more information here) or herpesvirus (more information here). A third cause of cat flu is Chlamydophia felis (more information here), but there is not a widely used UK vaccination for this.

Cat flu vaccination is recommended for all cats (including indoor-only cats) as the virus is common in the environment and can be transmitted by shoes, clothes and other objects. Vaccinated cats can still become infected with and carry calicivirus and herpesvirus but regular vaccination helps to prevent severe disease.

Panleukopaenia (feline parvovirus)

Panleukopaenia virus is also called Feline Infectious Enteritis or feline parvovirus. It is a severe and often fatal disease (more information here). It is particularly dangerous as it can survive for long periods in the environment and is resistant to many disinfectants.

Panleukopaenia vaccination is recommended for all cats (including indoor-only cats) as the virus is common in the environment and can be transmitted by shoes, clothes and other objects.

Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV)

FeLV is a virus which causes blood cancer (leukaemia) in cats (more information here).

All cats with any outdoor access should be vaccinated against FeLV. We also advise FeLV vaccination for indoor-only cats who have contact with outdoor-access or stray cats.

What vaccinations and parasite control will my cat receive?

This depends on their risk. When you bring your cat for a vaccination appointment, the vet will ask about your cat's lifestyle and give them their appropriate vaccinations. All cats (even indoor-only cats) require vaccinations annually. Click on the description which best fits your cat's lifestyle to see their recommended vaccination protocol.

If you would like to read further about vaccinations in cats, see the European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases (ABDC) website. Our vaccination protocol is based on a combination of the vaccine datasheets and the ABDC recommendations.

Cats with any outdoor access

Indoor-only cats

If an indoor-only cat has any close contact with outdoor-access cats, stray cats or cats of unknown vaccination status, they should be treated the same as an outdoor-access cat.

Why is parasite control important?

For more information on parasites in cats please see the below leaflet, which has been provided by the manufacturers of our first line parasite treatment (Felpreva). This is a spot-on treatment applied once every three months which kills fleas, ticks, mites, roundworm and tapeworm.

Tailored preventative care for indoor cats

Indoor-only cats (per month)

*(+£30 one-off fee for kittens having the Kitten Starter Package)

The discounted indoor-only plan is for cats who never go outdoors and are never in contact with cats who go outdoors. They will only have one dose of flea and worming per year (rather than being covered year-round) and will only be vaccinated against cat flu and panleukopaenia (not FeLV). If you have any cats who do go outdoors, or have stray cats come into your house, you should treat all of your cats as though they are indoor/outdoor cats.

Tailored preventative care for outdoor access cats

Indoor/outdoor cats (per month)

*(+£30 one-off fee for kittens having the Kitten Starter Package)

Free new client consult for flea & worming (usually £30)

Just joined the plan but your cat isn't due their booster yet? Book in for a free vet check so we can weigh your cat and start them on their prescription flea and worming treatment.

Would you prefer to pay for 12 months upfront rather than a monthly subscription? Ask us when you sign up and we'll apply a 10% discount for upfront payment.

How to join the Healthy Cat Plan

Cats who have not visited Manchester Cat Clinic before

Cats who have already met us

Healthy Cat Plan terms & conditions

When joining the Healthy Cat Plan you are accepting these terms and conditions. It is important to read them carefully, and please ask a member of staff if you have any queries.

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