Senior Kitizens

At Manchester Cat Clinic, we love our Senior Kitizens and want them to live the most comfortable lives they can.

Our Healthy Cat Plan helps owners to spread the cost of routine health checks and preventative care, ensuring that they get everything that they need to live a long and (most importantly) happy life.

There are a number of illnesses which are very common in older cats but may have previously been ignored and under-diagnosed as people may assume that old cats are supposed to be slow, or skinny, or have bad teeth! We now know that actually many of these conditions are treatable and that older cats can live much better lives if we detect them early and treat them promptly. Many of these conditions have no symptoms initially but can progress in ways that can shorten a cats life and make them less comfortable, so regular vet visits to screen for these issues are very important.

The most common health conditions we see in older cats are...

Dental disease

Kidney disease

Hypertension (high blood pressure)



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