Outstanding facilities for feline
healthcare in Manchester

Manchester Cat Clinic is a fully-equipped, high-quality veterinary practice, designed just for cats.

We have invested in high quality equipment and facilities so that we can care for as many cats as possible in-house and provide fast, accurate results when investigating medical problems. Everything we have chosen is specifically tailored to the needs of cats and selected by our own vets to ensure the best quality.

X-ray generator machine

DR Digital X-Ray

Our x-ray facilities include a new, modern DR plate which provides instant, high-quality digital images. Many practices have CR x-ray (which is slower) or even film. We have chosen to invest in a faster system which means that cats are sedated or anaesthetised for x-rays for a much shorter length of time.

Ultrasound machine


Our high quality ultrasound with cat-specific probes means that we can get excellent images in-house and minimise the need for our patients to go elsewhere to see imaging specialists.

Handheld Nomad dental x-ray machine

DR Digital Dental X-Ray

We have invested in a fantastic dental x-ray setup with a cat-size DR plate which provides instant images. This means that we can take full mouth dental x-rays on every cat undergoing a dental procedure in just a few minutes.

HDO Blood Pressure machine

HDO Blood Pressure

We have sought out one of the best available veterinary blood pressure machines in the world. The HDO provides high quality results quickly, and is well tolerated by cats. This means that we can provide important regular blood pressure screening.



Endoscopy involves using a flexible fibre-optic camera to look in your cat's airways or stomach. In cats it is often use to remove foreign bodies such as grass blades in the airways, or to investigate stomach problems.

Blood biochemistry machine

Biochemistry Machine

Our biochemistry machine can run comprehensive blood tests on as little as 0.2ml of blood. We can check parameters such as liver enzymes, kidney markers, blood proteins and electrolytes in under 15 minutes. We can also use the machine to check the amount of protein in cats' urine.

Immunofluorescence blood machine

Immunofluorescence Machine

This machine can give highly accurate quantitative results for thyroid hormone, pancreatic lipase, inflammatory markers, cardiac biomarkers and vaccine antibodies in as little as 5 minutes.

Haematology machine

Haematology Machine

This machine can provide important information on red and white blood cells in only 60 seconds, using as little as 0.15ml of blood.

Design drawings for new specialised cat kennels

Specialised Cat Ward

Our cat ward is in a quiet area of the practice with minimal foot traffic. We have ordered kennels tailor-made to the Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic requirements. They are made of a special type of plastic which is antibacterial and warmer on cats' paws than traditional steel kennels. They will contain "Hide and Sleep" forts designed by Cats Protection so cats have somewhere comforting to rest.

A vet in teal scrubs holding a ginger cat

Surgical Theatre

Our fully equipped surgical theatre means that we can perform many different types of surgery. Examples include: neutering, lump removals, wound repair, Caesarian sections, amputations, entropion, enucleation, exploratory laparotomy. We can also have visiting specialists use our facilities to do more complex orthopaedic procedures without the need to travel to a referral centre.